This reminds me of those pictures of the president you sometimes see hanging behind the counter at stores except it’s a dystopian setting where Dennis has taken over and demands a giant framed picture of him in the front display of every store

have respect idiots I am legend

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do you think the sheriff ever pauses his late night movie and calls melissa and hes like do you think dracula is real and melissa is like r u srs ?? 

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star trek legally blonde au


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a game of stark children not listening to their fucking mother

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Ben Affleck talks Batman Internet Reaction [X]

People from the studio said “We want to talk to you because people go through this process and it can be trying.” And I said “What do you mean?”

"We want to show you some past reactions that cast members have gotten." And they send me [the reactions of these people] and they were like "KILL HIM!!!!" 

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