Let me tell you something: your dad’s not able to see what I see.

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 Breaking Bad ‘Blood Money’ Table Read

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“One time i was skating down the ice and i wasn’t going fast enough and my grandma was in the stands and she heard that i was actually called that and so she was screaming GO BITCH GO, and my mom actually had to sit my grandma down and say you can’t yell that .” — Kris Versteeg (via krisversteeg)

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teen wolf + friends
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eh misérables


eh misérables

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abel and thomas teller ; of history repeating and other vicious cycles 

"how badly did i try and get you out, thomas. this world sucked me in the day i was born. but you.. you little brother, you were the one that was supposed to get out. you were here but charming still couldn’t touch you. now i’m asking you to leave before it’s too late. i’m stuck and i’ll always be stuck. and i’m telling you that i’d rather miss you than mourn you."



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